Leah Remini 'would cry' if she discovered Scientology spending

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Leah Remini "would cry" if she knew how much money she spent on Scientology.

The 50-year-old actress left the religious movement in 2013 and has expressed regret at just how much she invested in Scientology.

Asked how much money she spent on her former faith, Leah said: "I haven't ever worked it out and honestly it would make me cry. All of that money I have spent is sitting in the Scientology account and there is no way of getting it back."

'The King of Queens' actress has become an outspoken critic of the movement since her departure, making documentaries such as 'Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath'.

She also rubbished suggestions that Scientology is the "Hollywood religion" because of its famous followers.

Leah explained on Louis Theroux's 'Grounded' podcast: "Scientology is not known as the Hollywood religion. There are more non-Scientologists in Hollywood then there are Scientologists. That's just their PR line and want they want to be known as.


"Scientologists are a small group in general. I think there are 40,000 worldwide."

Leah previously revealed that she had become a pariah among celebrity Scientologists since leaving the religion and that other stars "avoid her at all costs".

in fact, the actress claimed that some big-name stars actually avoid attending industry events if they know she's also going to be there.

Speaking about her relationship with famous Scientologists, she said: "Their job is to avoid me at all costs.

"They just make sure, through their publicists, if I'm on one side of the room that they're on another side of the room. Or they don't show up to an event that they're scheduled to be at if they know I'm gonna be there. That's just the way it's gotten."