Caroline Flack left message for Lewis Burton in suicide note

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Caroline Flack left a heartfelt message for her boyfriend Lewis Burton in her suicide note.

The 40-year-old TV presenter took her own life at her London home in February after being informed that the Crown Prosecution Service was going to pursue a trial on a charge of assault by beating following an alleged fight with Lewis at her flat in December 2019

Caroline had pled not guilty to the charges, while Lewis, 28, was not cooperating with the prosecution and an inquest into Caroline's death at Poplar Coroners' Court on Wednesday (08.05.20) revealed she mentioned the former professional tennis player in a note she left.

A paramedic told the court that there was a note on the coffee table, which read: "I hope me and Lewis can one day find harmony."

The court also heard how Caroline had been in "a very anxious state of mind" and attempted suicide before her court appearance in December 2019.

Caroline's twin sister Jody said: "Heartbreak is something Caroline found extremely difficult. She attempted to take her own life the night before she appeared in court. I believe the shame ... was too much to deal with.


"Caroline spent the last few months of her life hiding inside, scared of the abuse. Caroline seemed very sad the day before her death - she seemed to have lost her fight."

Caroline's friends Lou Teasdale and Mollie Grosberg also revealed they raced to her flat on Valentine's Day (02.14.20) after the star sent a message saying she was going to kill herself.

Mollie said: "Increasingly over the last few years she had a lot of heartache. She was very sad all the time.

"Normally the kind of person she was, she could pick herself up. But she couldn't after December ... she lost who she was and she couldn't get it back."


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