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Awkwafina has been sent free water from a company bearing a similar name to hers.

The Hollywood actress - who took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy at the ceremony on Sunday (05.01.20) - has revealed she is being sent bottles of Aquafina to her apartment after pictures emerged of crates of it outside her home in Koreatown, New York City.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: "Yes, they did [send water]. I think it was because our names are very similar. But it's good to have water."

Meanwhile, Awkwafina - whose real name is Nora Lum - previously opened up about how she selected the name when she was just a teenager.

She said: "At that point I never thought that people would actually call me 'Awkwafina,' I just thought it would make me and my other friend, who at that time was my branding manager at age 16, you know, we would giggle."

Asked if she considered anything else, she added: "Dassani, with two s's. We nixed that."

Meanwhile, Awkwafina previously confessed she had "difficulty believing" in herself as a child and found it hard to be "confident".

She said: "Anxiety was one of the first emotions that I learned. A feeling of not being secure. When I was young I often had difficulty believing in myself and feeling confident in certain things. And I think that I had to really find it. I remember feeling that, always, as a young kid. When I was a teenager I battled a lot with depression for sure. I had a lot of issues with self esteem, I had a lot of issues with just feeling normal. Maybe there are still aspects of that, but I think it was heightened then."

And Awkwafina partly blames social media for her mental heath battle.

The beauty said: "Social media definitely gives me anxiety. Especially when I was first coming up. The comments I really couldn't deal with. Everyone around me was just like 'Dude don't listen to them', but that's like very generic advice. That's like when you break up with your boyfriend and they're like 'Dude forget him, it's fine.' Being so vulnerable to so many people that they're commenting on everything from your nose to your teeth to your hands, you can't help but feel hurt."




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