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As shutdown reaches third day, Republican leaders face big divide on immigration

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WASHINGTON -- To find a way to turn the federal government's lights back on, Republican congressional leaders have made a few promises on immigration.

But as the government shutdown begins its third day Monday, there's little evidence that Congress will be able to bridge the stark divide that has made the issue unsolvable for years.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has no plans to retire soon from the Supreme Court

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PARK CITY, Utah -- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says thanks for asking, but she has no plans to retire anytime soon.

She has law clerks on staff through the court's 2020 term. The earliest she could step down would be in 2021 -- when she is 88.

But she said Sunday she doesn't plan to do that.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg shares #MeToo moment about Cornell instructor

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PARK CITY, Utah -- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had her fair share of "Me too" moments throughout her life.

During a Sundance "Cinema Cafe" chat Sunday with NPR correspondent Nina Totenberg and a small audience that included Robert Redford, she shared one of those early experiences.

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Much as White House might try to soften the blow, government shutdowns are costly and cumbersome

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WASHINGTON -- The government shutdown is fast becoming an unwelcome and costly staple of American democracy. After the last prolonged closing delivered a substantial hit to the economy and created hardship and frustration for millions, lawmakers vowed "never again."

And yet, here we are again.

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Pence arrives in Israel after being upbraided in Egypt, Jordan for White House policies

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JERUSALEM -- Vice President Mike Pence arrived on relatively friendly territory in Israel late Sunday after the leaders of Egypt and Jordan, two of the America's closest Arab allies, publicly rebuked him for the Trump administration's upending of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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Women's march in Las Vegas sets resistance tone for upcoming midterm elections

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LAS VEGAS -- On the anniversary of the women's march protesting President Donald Trump's election, thousands arrived at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday to kick off the push to elect women to Congress this year and flip it from Republican control.

Organizers focused on Nevada because of its swing state status and because Sen. Dean Heller...Read more

What Trump wants for DACA deal is a mystery

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WASHINGTON -- As negotiations to end a federal government shutdown dragged on Sunday, there was one pressing question no one seemed to have an answer for: What is President Donald Trump's price for protecting young immigrants and ending the stalemate?

Trump rejected two potential deals designed to avert the government shutdown before it began. ...Read more

White House signals flexibility on DACA in shutdown standoff

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WASHINGTON -- The White House, seemingly seeking a way out of a shutdown impasse, signaled flexibility Sunday on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

With a partial government shutdown in its second day, Democrats and Republicans have blamed one another, and the DACA beneficiaries have emerged as a key bargaining chip.

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Pence's visit to Israel is shadowed by Palestinian snub over Jerusalem

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TEL AVIV, Israel ––Vice President Mike Pence headed to Israel as hope faded for a peace deal with the Palestinians, which has been a centerpiece of the Trump administration's Middle East policy.

Pence spent two days consulting with the leaders of Egypt and Jordan before plunging directly into an Israeli-Palestinian fray that has intensified...Read more

Turkey, ignoring US warnings, attacks Kurds in Syria

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ANKARA, Turkey –– Turkey pushed ahead with a ground offensive against Kurdish forces in northwest Syria -- in defiance of the United States -- to create what it called a security buffer along the border.

Turkish soldiers moved into the town of Afrin Sunday morning, penetrating 3 miles from the Turkish border, NTV television reported, ...Read more

Hardship and chaos as federal shutdown moves into 2nd day

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WASHINGTON -- As a government shutdown entered its second day Sunday, Congress and President Donald Trump were poised to face deepening criticism unless they made a deal to reopen the government before the workweek begins.

A rare weekend schedule continued on Capitol Hill, with voting possible, but negotiations over a possible stopgap measure ...Read more

Biggest hurdle for Trump's border wall is remote, rugged terrain

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WASHINGTON -- Santa Elena Canyon, part of Big Bend National Park in Texas, is known for its red rock cliffs that drop more than 1,000 feet into the Rio Grande River. The late naturalist and Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas once wrote that Santa Elena "is a canyon to travel with the utmost respect."

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Kabul hotel guests hid in terror as Taliban attackers searched floor-to-floor

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- Afghan officials raised the death toll at Kabul's Intercontinental hotel to 19 Sunday as the Taliban claimed responsibility for the latest major attack on civilians in the Afghan capital.

U.S. military advisers responded to the attack along with Afghan special operations forces during a 14-hour siege that began when four ...Read more

Germany's Social Democrats endorse coalition talks with Merkel

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BONN, Germany –– Germany's Social Democrats backed coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel after a divisive party convention, marking a potential breakthrough toward her fourth term.

A narrow majority of the 600 SPD delegates gathered in Bonn voted in favor of negotiations to renew a "grand coalition" with Merkel's Christian ...Read more

Judge finds no fault in destruction of 'black site' despite protective order

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GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba -- The trial judge in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks case has ruled that he and the prosecution did nothing wrong in authorizing the destruction of a former CIA "black site" prison without advance notice to defense attorneys.

The ruling was not available on the Pentagon war court website, which posts court...Read more

Inside the Turpins' home in Texas before they moved to Perris, Calif.

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RIO VISTA, Texas --To neighbor Ricky Vinyard, the Turpin family seemed odd from the moment they arrived at the end of his remote dirt road in this small town 50 miles south of Fort Worth.

"When they moved in, they were really mysterious people. They didn't talk to us or socialize," Vinyard said of that day in 2000.

His suspicions about how ...Read more

Rocket Lab's Electron rocket reaches orbit and deploys satellites

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Rocket Lab's Electron rocket successfully reached orbit and deployed three satellites Saturday night Pacific time in the Huntington Beach, Calif., rocket company's second test flight.

The small-satellite launch company's Electron rocket carried an Earth-imaging satellite and two satellites that enable weather and ship tracking, which were ...Read more