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Fragments of a troubled young life emerge, but mysteries about Anderson Aldrich remain

Summer Lin and Grace Toohey, Los Angeles Times on

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“The reality is that no matter what this individual’s motivation turns out to be, the fact is there are extremists who are speaking from pulpits and broadcast microphones, who are inciting this violence and saying things like ‘I would shed no tears’ or that LGBT people should be tied up and shot in the back of the head,” she said. “Whether that turns out to be the motivation for this attack or not, those kind of statements are beyond dangerous.”

Brink said his ex-wife told him that Aldrich had changed their name out of embarrassment that Brink was their father and that Aldrich had died, the New York Times reported. But then months ago, Aldrich called Brink. The conversation turned into an argument, with Aldrich threatening to beat up Brink.

Brink, who identifies as a religious and conservative Republican, told the paper he had voiced disapproval of gay people when Aldrich was younger but expressed sympathy to the families of the shooting victims.

Aldrich was arrested in June 2021 in a suburban Colorado Springs neighborhood where they and their mother lived at the time, after Voepel reported Aldrich threatened her with “a homemade bomb, multiple weapons and ammunition,” according to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. The incident ended in a standoff with deputies and the evacuation of nearby homes, but officials said they did not find any explosives after Aldrich’s arrest.

It happened at the home of Leslie Bowman, who was renting a room to Aldrich’s mother. Bowman shared videos from her Ring security camera with The Times showing Aldrich — who she said went by Andy — entering her house with a suitcase while talking to their mother.

In the video, Aldrich said: “The police have surrounded that house. This is where I stand, OK? … Today I die.”


Voepel responded, “What is happening?”

“They don’t give a f— about me anymore, clearly,” Aldrich replied.

In another video Bowman recorded of a Facebook Live stream, which Bowman said Aldrich posted during the standoff, Aldrich was seen wearing what appears to be a helmet and body armor.

“This is your boy,” Aldrich said on the recorded livestream. “If they breach, Ima [sic] f—ing blow it to holy hell!”


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