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MIT researchers create test to predict COVID immunity, Harvard scientists develop test for both virus and antibodies

BOSTON — If you’re wondering how much protection you have from COVID-19, researchers at two local powerhouse universities say they’ve created new tests that will help determine antibody levels.

MIT scientists on Tuesday announced they’ve developed a blood test that may predict COVID-19 immunity. The announcement came a day after Harvard researchers said they’ve built a saliva test that detects the presence of both antibodies and the virus.

The MIT researchers created a paper test that measures the level of neutralizing antibodies in a blood sample, which could help people decide what protections they should take against infection. Their test uses the same type of “lateral flow” technology as most rapid antigen tests for COVID-19.

“Among the general population, many people probably want to know how well protected they are,” said Hojun Li, the Charles W. and Jennifer C. Johnson clinical investigator at MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.

—Boston Herald


Ted Cruz softens on same-sex marriage, says ‘reasonable people can disagree’

WASHINGTON — Like many conservatives, Sen. Ted Cruz has gone out of his way since the Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. Wade to ease fears that, with abortion rights erased, gay marriage is the next target.

Cruz still denounces the 2015 ruling that extended marriage equality to same-sex couples as “clearly wrong.” But he’s softened his stance, conceding recently that on the definition of marriage, reasonable minds can differ — a remarkable shift.

Just seven years ago, Cruz proposed a constitutional amendment to define marriage as only one thing: the union of a man and a woman.


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