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Alex Jones lists $6.2 million in assets as judge adds new sanctions in Sandy Hook cases

Chuck Lindell, Austin American-Statesman on

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AUSTIN, Texas — A Travis County judge imposed additional sanctions against Alex Jones on Friday after the parents of two children killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting complained that the Austin-based conspiracy theorist was continuing to obstruct progress in their civil cases against him.

Friday's hearing also shed light on assets the parents are targeting as they proceed to the next stage — jury trials that will determine how much money Jones and his InfoWars media system must pay for defamation and emotional distress caused by broadcasts that called the 2012 school shooting a hoax.

Court documents show that the InfoWars online store sold more that $165 million in herbal supplements, videos and other products in three years starting in 2016.

"This does not even account for InfoWars’ numerous other revenue streams, which has included advertisers, click-through promotion revenue, sales, sales, YouTube monetization, donation drives, and others," the parents' lawyers said in a recent court filing.

According to information Jones provided in December as part of the case, he listed more than $6.2 million in assets, including three properties worth about $2.35 million and about $458,000 in the bank. He also said he owned $206,000 in cryptocurrency, $150,000 worth of vehicles and an exchange trust with $3.1 million from a November home sale.

A judge took the rare step of defaulting Alex Jones in defamation lawsuits for his and his companies' "failure to produce critical material information that the plaintiffs needed to prove their claims."


He also said he was the "income beneficiary" of a $25.9 million interest-only note "due to sale of closely held business interest."

Jones, however, estimated his net worth at a negative $20.6 million due to equity in a loan owed by his Free Speech Systems corporation.

Free Speech Systems, according to Jones, has about $525,000 in the bank, inventory worth about $1.3 million and $2.1 million in fixed and intangible assets.

Jones said the company, however, had a negative net worth of $52.9 million due mainly to a large loan owed to PQPR Holdings Inc., which the parents' lawyers referred to as "another shell company ... owned and controlled by Alex Jones" in court documents.


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