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Hot mic on internet livestream catches Illinois judge ridiculing attorney after hearing

Megan Crepeau, Chicago Tribune on

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Raines’ comments were made Tuesday after a hearing in the case of Bonjean’s client Roosevelt Myles, who is trying to get his decades-old murder conviction thrown out.

Raines recused himself from the case Wednesday, records show. Reddick on Thursday reassigned Myles’ case to Judge Carol Howard.

Earlier that day, Bonjean and Dombrowski had concluded testy arguments in Myles’ case involving a request by prosecutors for raw footage of an interview Myles granted a documentary team.

Over the course of the hearing, Raines grew frustrated with Bonjean, who occasionally interrupted or shook her head in displeasure. Bonjean repeatedly alleged that prosecutors were lying about the history of the case.

“Stop shaking your head, just be professional, would you please?” Raines asked.

“You know what’s professional? Telling the truth and understanding the law. That’s professional. Telling the truth and understanding the law is more professional than me shaking my head. I would ask that people state the law and the record correctly,” she said.


“I don’t need you yelling at me, Ms. Bonjean,” Raines said.

“I’m passionate,” Bonjean said. “I’m not yelling.”

After the day’s hearings had concluded, Raines brought up the argument with the female prosecutors and an assistant public defender who remained on the Zoom call, who laughed along with Raines in a way that Bonjean’s filing compared to the movie “Mean Girls.” None of the attorneys who participated in the conversation was involved in the Myles case.

“That was so entertaining,” Assistant State’s Attorney Susie Bucaro said.


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