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'Protecting and defending the Constitution,' former Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman departs for federal election security job

Joseph O'Sullivan, The Seattle Times on

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"I think there are some very qualified county auditors and election officials that certainly could do the job well, and are ready to," she said.

Wyman has held office long enough to see the GOP's moderate wing ebb in Washington, and see the rise of those like Loren Culp, the party's unsuccessful candidate last year for governor.

After losing that race, Culp sued Wyman with allegations of widespread election fraud irregularities. But the lawsuit was withdrawn after his attorney faced the threat of legal sanctions for making meritless claims.

Wyman recounts joining the party decades ago because of former President Ronald Reagan, and the principles of strong national defense, limited government, low taxes and rule of law.


Her new role is a nonpartisan job, and subject to the Hatch Act, which limits partisan involvements — and Wyman said she is looking forward to that dynamic, too.

In the meantime, Wyman said she hopes the Republican Party can "get back to principles, rather than just focusing on individuals."

"You know, the party of Lincoln and the party of Reagan is about something much bigger than any one of us," added Wyman. "But I do hope that the party can get back to the principles it was founded on."

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