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US-backed therapists tell people in Costa Rica that LGBTQ feelings are 'wrong' and 'nobody is born homosexual,' probe finds

Muri Assunção, New York Daily News on

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“God created man and woman ... our perfect match, and he’s perfect and marvelous. This (homosexuality) is learned, is something developed on the road,” she said. “I’m sure now that ... you want to cast out of your mind this new taste for women,” the therapist added.

Another undercover reporter reached out to Exodus Latinaomérica and was referred to a local religious group, Metanoia Ministry.

In a phone call with Metanoia, for which he paid in cash, the therapist told him: “I serve God first. I’m not treating homosexuality as common people do ... God says this is a sin, so we treat it as a sin.”

She added, “nobody is born homosexual, because only a sadistic God would forbid this sin in the Bible and, at the same time, create you like that.”

Both therapists are licensed by Costa Rica’s psychologists’ association, according to the report.


A spokesperson for the association, Paola Vargas, told openDemocracy that mental health care should be based on “respect for human rights and human dignity.”

The organization added that it would look into the report findings and decide whether it would open a formal investigation.


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