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DeSantis calls for an end to spring testing in Florida schools

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — The days of preparing and sitting for hours of spring state tests could be nearing an end for many of Florida’s public school students.

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday called on lawmakers to revamp the state’s school accountability system by eliminating several of the annual exams, and replacing them with more regular progress monitoring that already occurs throughout the school year.

He said the idea would reduce testing in the schools by 75%, and would allow for more individualized assessments that help students and teachers make adjustments during the school year while also keeping parents better informed.

His proposal came days before the Legislature begins its pre-session committee weeks, with the Senate Education Committee slated to hold a discussion the afternoon of Sept. 21 on standards and assessments.

It was met with quick support within the education community.


“Fewer, better state assessments with greater reliance on ongoing, real-time progress monitoring data enable timely academic recalibration opportunities that are right for Florida’s kids,” Miami-Dade County superintendent Alberto Carvalho said on Twitter. “We applaud today’s announcement.”

Parents offered similar reactions, calling the announcement “the best news” and “a good move” to swerve away from sending money to testing vendors for a product that did little to help students.

—Tampa Bay Times

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