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Man killed by police after shooting, explosion in Md. had carried gun and harassed community, neighbors say

Colin Campbell, Justin Fenton and Christine Condon, Baltimore Sun on

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“There was a lot of that little contentious type behavior, but absolutely nothing of this magnitude ever. And I’ve been here 16 years,” Hodge said.

Still, it wasn’t exactly surprising to hear of Brown’s rampage Saturday.

“It’s shocking, but then it’s not shocking. And I say that because this gentleman, he had all of the signs and symptoms of someone who was clearly suffering from some mental health issues,” Hodge said. “He had a huge sign in front of his house that said FBI, CIA and police are not welcome here.”

Hodge said the homeowners association brought in a mobile crisis unit to help neighbors cope with Saturday’s violence.

“I didn’t sleep well last night,” Hodge said Sunday. “Untreated mental illness is a very dangerous thing when you couple it with the effects of this pandemic.”

Brown didn’t just put signs up and yell at his neighbors about the alleged FBI harassment; he had posted on social media about being tracked by federal agents, too.


The Baltimore Sun visited his home in 2008, after Brown contacted a reporter saying his home was being repeatedly searched by police. Brown told the reporter he kept his home open so police don’t have to break anything to get inside.

A 2017 picture shows a sign tied to a car that reads, “FBI — All Black People Are Not Criminals. Purge The Hate. It’s 2017.”

Brown also unsuccessfully sued the Department of Justice in U.S. District Court in 2012, alleging the federal agency had been running surveillance on him for more than five years and had unlawfully denied a Freedom of Information Act request asking for records of said surveillance.

In the lawsuit, he alleged one of his neighbors threatened him with a knife and that the FBI was deploying aircraft to run continued surveillance on him.


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