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Violent deaths of 2 women in Puerto Rico stoke sorrow, outrage as femicides mount

Syra Ortiz-Blanes, The Miami Herald on

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Domestic violence complaint dismissed

In the case of Ruiz, authorities say there is a paper trail of red flags pointing to abuse.

In late March, she went to a local court in the central city of Caguas to pursue a domestic violence charge against Ocasio, the man she had been dating for the last eight months. Authorities say there were previous domestic violence complaints against him but provided no details.

On Thursday, she was found dead and burnt in a wooded area of mountainous Cayey. López said the "detonator" was that Ruiz had decided to leave him.

Ocasio threatened her after going through her cell phone's content and allegedly seeing messages he didn't like, Puerto Rico Police Commissioner Antonio López said at a press conference Saturday .

But the judge did not order Ocasio's arrest.


"Nor was a protection order issued, and the result of that you already know," he said.

He said that there was overwhelming evidence against Ocasio and a confession that he had killed her. Ocasio was jailed and a bail of $1.1 million ordered.

Anuchka Ramos, Ruiz's cousin, wrote an editorial in local daily newspaper El Nuevo Día reminiscing about their childhood together and lamenting her sudden, violent death.

"Andrea is more than a body thrown in a faraway, isolated place," she wrote. "She was a human form of immense light whose smile was hollowed out."


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