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Police expert believes Derek Chauvin inflicted pain on a prone George Floyd's cuffed hand

Paul Walsh, Star Tribune on

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MINNEAPOLIS – A leading law enforcement practices expert from the Los Angeles Police Department told jurors Wednesday that murder defendant Derek Chauvin appeared to be inflicting pain to a cuffed hand of a prone George Floyd during his arrest late last spring.

Sgt. Jody Stiger made his assertions Wednesday in Hennepin County Court while testifying on behalf of the prosecution, who hired him to analyze numerous videos from the scene, court records and other documents in preparation for taking the witness stand.

Stiger said officers' body-worn camera video from one of the officers showed Chauvin using "his right hand and appeared to use a pain compliance on Mr. Floyd's hand."

Chauvin appeared to accomplish this by "squeezing fingers or bringing knuckles together, which can cause pain or pulling the hand into the cuff, which can cause pain as well."

The sergeant pointed out that "the handcuffs [on Floyd] were not double-locked; they can continue to ratchet tighter as the person moved."

Stiger went on to conclude that while three officers were on Floyd, he "was not actively resisting when he was in the prone position," and therefore the amount of force used by Chauvin and the others was excessive.


When discussing pain compliance, prosecutor Steve Schleicher asked: "You would inflict pain for the purpose of having the subject obey your commands?"

"Yes," Stiger said.

"What if there's no opportunity for compliance?" Schleicher asked.

"At that point, it's just pain." Stiger said.


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