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Law enforcement and military taking 'unprecedented' approach to security in DC

David S. Cloud, Jie Jenny Zou and Del Quentin Wilber, Brian Contreras, Los Angeles Times on

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Keeping as many extremists from returning to Washington for the inauguration is a top priority for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that have launched an aggressive effort to apprehend as many people as possible who participated in the Capitol siege.

"There is a lot of work being done prior to the 20th, with some of the most dangerous people being rounded up," said Ramsey, the former Washington police chief. "They are rounding up as many as they can."

So far, authorities have arrested at least 60 people on a variety of charges related to the attack, and federal investigators have opened more than 170 investigations.

An FBI bulletin Wednesday warned law enforcement agencies that pro-Trump extremists will pose a serious security risk in the coming months, according to a person briefed on the alert. ABC News reported earlier Wednesday on the bulletin's existence.

Citing their deeply held though false belief that the election had been stolen, extremists may believe that their only remaining action is violence, the FBI wrote.


The FBI said extremists may not view their attack on the Capitol as a failed mission. Rather, the bureau warned, they may believe the siege helped "advance" their goals.


(Times staffers Molly Hennessy-Fiske and Chris Megerian contributed to this report.)

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