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Teen cried, vomited and worried about social media as he told cops, 'I shot 2 white kids'

By Stacy St. Clair and Christy Gutowski, Chicago Tribune on

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"Wendy then raised her voice and said 'we don't know that!'" the report states.

Video from the scene of the protests showed Rittenhouse apparently trying to surrender to police in Kenosha after the shootings, but they didn't arrest him. Rittenhouse told Antioch officers that when he tried to speak with officers there after the shootings, he was told to go home.

When he showed up at the suburban police station hours later, he was wearing the same jeans and tan-colored cowboy boots he had been wearing during the protests, according to the police reports.

While waiting for Kenosha detectives to arrive, Rittenhouse repeatedly asked to speak with his sisters and an 18-year-old friend who were back at the family's apartment. The friend, who the Tribune is not naming because he has not been charged, was with Rittenhouse in Wisconsin and still had his gun, according to police reports.

Nemec allowed the teen to make the phone call, which quickly turned into a discussion about social media reaction to the shooting.

"When they spoke the conversation turned into the family discussing the negative comments about Kyle on social media, which caused Kyle to become upset," Nemec wrote. "I requested Kyle to stop speaking with his sisters and (friend) as this was causing him to become upset and again made him cry. Kyle continued to talk about him being on social media and then briefly showed me from his phone a picture of him with the AR-rifle at the Kenosha riots from earlier in the evening."


Police confiscated Rittenhouse's assault weapon from the friend's trunk a short time later, along with another AR-15 rifle the friend said he carried that night in Kenosha, according to reports. The friend told police that he had not witnessed the shooting, but Rittenhouse called him immediately afterward, and he had driven the teen back across the Illinois state line.

The friend later was questioned by police at the Antioch police station, where he said he bought the weapon for Rittenhouse earlier this year so the two could hunt together, according to the reports. The friend told police he purchased the gun in his name at a hardware store in northern Wisconsin, but Rittenhouse paid for it.

The friend kept Rittenhouse's rifle at his stepfather's house in Kenosha and the two picked it up before heading to protests, according to the reports. The friend told police that he wished he would have stopped Rittenhouse from taking the gun that night, records show.

"(The friend) thought in his head he could have stopped it, but he knew if he would have told Kyle 'no,' he (Rittenhouse) would have thrown a fit," the police report said.


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