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Street life slowly returns to Mexico, even as the coronavirus toll climbs

By Patrick J. McDonnell and Cecilia Sanchez, Los Angeles Times on

Published in News & Features

Economists have projected that Mexico's net output will fall at least 10% this year, the steepest plunge since the Great Depression.

Rodrigo Alcantara, 43, a minibus driver, said he took a few days off in the spring as the virus devastated his neighborhood in Iztapalapa, a densely populated district that has the highest concentration of coronavirus cases in the capital.

But he is now back to guiding his green-and-white minibus through the busy streets, as the number of passengers has steadily increased.

"One has to become accustomed to live with the coronavirus - you can't spend all your life shut inside," he said as he waited at a bus stop to begin his 12-hour shift. "One can't live all the time in fear of an illness."



(McDonnell is a Times staff writer. Sanchez a special correspondent.)

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