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Man tweets that daughter was attacked by 'BLM' in Baltimore; video tells different story

By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun on

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BALTIMORE - On Sunday afternoon, a Texas cardiologist wrote on Twitter that his daughter in Baltimore had been attacked by "BLM" or Black Lives Matter activists, and that city police refused to do anything because the suspects were Black.

"Is this the America we want?" he tweeted. Nearly 50,000 people uncritically retweeted or liked the post.

But two different Twitter accounts with a close ear to the police scanner found what appeared to be the incident in question: It didn't involve activists, but rather squeegee kids.

With questions being raised, the cardiologist, Andrea Natale, locked down his account and eventually deleted it. He's since apologized, saying he overreacted out of concern for his daughter and that his words were "misinterpreted."

The incident didn't go down as Natale described, but it wasn't a complete hoax, either.

Baltimore police released body camera footage of the encounter to The Baltimore Sun. It shows a couple explaining to an officer that they declined to have their windshield washed. A male tells the officer that he jumped out of the car, and that three squeegee washers approached and surrounded him.


"I said, 'I will defend myself, I do have a knife on me.' (One of the squeegee washers) said, 'I have a knife too,'" the man tells the officer.

The couple tells the officer that the squeegee washers then started throwing rocks at them. The man asks what can be done about squeegee kids.

"To be honest, the city doesn't want us to engage with squeegee boys," an officer says. "It's illegal to be in the street, but the city doesn't want us to ... " he says before trailing off.

The officer tells them to contact City Hall: "It's crazy, it's sad." He never says it's because the teens are Black, but instead because it's a misdemeanor that he didn't witness. He said he would try to locate them but that he wasn't familiar with them.


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