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Joe Biden turns to friend and confidant Chris Dodd to help him choose running mate

Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant on

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Dodd recalled his decades together in the Senate with Biden when he endorsed him last fall.

"I know some have forgotten those days or were younger when they occurred, but I haven't," he said. "I was there. I was in the middle of it, and I can't forget, along with others, how Joe Biden was a critical and highly valued leader in all those efforts. Joe Biden will not only win our American election of 2020 and defeat Donald Trump, he will lead an America that will make us all proud."

The two colleagues have been helping each other for years. In December 2009, Biden attended a fundraiser for Dodd in Hartford when the senator was under attack from opponents and a month before he decided not to seek reelection. Biden praised Dodd, describing him as "the single most gifted legislator in Congress now that Teddy Kennedy's gone."

He called Dodd his best friend, noting that Dodd was facing mediocre poll numbers at the time amid constant attacks from Republicans as "Dump Dodd" became a common refrain in Connecticut. Dodd had played a key role as leader of the Dodd-Frank legislation on the Senate Banking Committee and in crafting the Affordable Care Act.

"Chris is getting the living hell beat out of him, the living bejesus beat out of him," Biden said at the Hartford fundraiser. "Why? Because he's being a leader."


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