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Golden State Killer pleads guilty to crimes that terrorized California

Paige St. John and Luke Money, Los Angeles Times on

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The public will also be spared years of criminal proceedings, which prosecutors estimated could have cost more than $20 million. There will be no need for testimony by scores of rape victims, family members of those murdered and DeAngelo's three daughters and ex-wife.

District attorneys from the eight counties prosecuting DeAngelo took the stage Monday to read into the record descriptions of the crimes.

As details about the murders of two other victims -- Greg Sanchez and Cheri Domingo -- were read aloud, Cheri's daughter, Debbie Domingo, stood to face DeAngelo.

Jennifer Carole also stood, hands gripped behind her back, as the 1980 bedroom murders of her father and stepmother, Lyman and Charlene Smith, were described. She took off her mask so she could be seen, but did not make eye contact with DeAngelo.

Afterward, retired Sacramento County sheriff's Detective Carol Daly stepped up to give Carole a hug.

DeAngelo's whispery voice and wheelchair did not evoke any sympathy from Carole.


"Rest assured, it's still an act," she said, echoing the opening statement by prosecutors who said DeAngelo briefly feigned insanity when arrested for shoplifting in 1979 and suggested his statements of an alter ego when he was arrested in 2018 were conjured.

All the women who were raped were to be referred to as "Jane Doe" during the hearing, a decision that was criticized before the hearing by some who seek to be shed of decades of social stigma over their attacks.

"I don't want that," said Kris Pedretti, who was 15 when she became the 10th victim of a serial predator operating in the suburbs of Sacramento and known then as the East Area Rapist. "I want to be seen as a real person that he did this to and not as some Jane Doe."

The Sacramento County district attorney's office told Pedretti the decision had been made for her, she said, but conceded her request to be allowed to stand during the hearing when her 1976 attack is mentioned.


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