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As Segarra, a Hayward, Calif., resident, unloaded the car with his girlfriend and sister, the six kids between them ran pell-mell into the house. While the kids squabbled over sleeping arrangements and searched the house for board games, Segarra's 9-year-old son Joshua, flanked by his two younger siblings and cousin, opened a bedside drawer.

But instead of a checkers set or deck of cards, they found a badge. And a loaded handgun.

Both apparently belong to a Santa Clara County Sheriff deputy who previously stayed at the home, and left behind the police badge and .380 Ruger pistol, which officials say was his personal firearm.

The Sheriff's Office confirmed Monday that both items belonged to one of its deputies, and has launched an internal investigation into the discovery. Late Monday afternoon, the office added via a statement that the deputy in question had been placed on paid administrative leave.

-- The Mercury News

Vegetable-rich diet doesn't slow or cure prostate cancer, study says


SAN DIEGO -- A new study by the University of California, San Diego casts doubt on the belief of many scientists and the public that a diet rich in vegetables might slow the progression of prostate cancer, a disease that kills about 33,000 Americans a year.

The findings were based on a study in which more than 200 men who had been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer significantly increased their consumption of vegetables over a two-year period.

"We were hoping the diet would slow and maybe reverse the cancer," said Dr. J. Kellogg Parsons, the UCSD urology professor who led the research. "However, we found that even eating up to seven servings a day of vegetables did not have that affect.

"We still believe that a diet like this can help people with prostate cancer better tolerate treatments like surgery, radiation or chemotherapy because it goes to their overall health."


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