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Michigan Republicans line up to keep Justin Amash's seat in the party

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Langlois, whose slogan is "Make Congress Great Again," has attacked Meijer for making a $250 contribution ahead of the 2016 election to a group he says opposed Trump. (Meijer says he sent a check at the behest of a fellow veteran without fully vetting the group, but to those who are pushing that line of attack he asks, "What else you got?")

His opponents are are also expected to go after Meijer for his support from With Honor, a pro-veterans PAC on whose board Meijer formerly served. With Honor supports GOP and Democratic candidates, including several of the Democrats who helped flipped the House in 2018 and voted to impeach the president.

But Langlois is facing questions about whether he actually voted in the general election in 2016, when Trump won the state by less than 11,000 votes or three-tenths of 1 percent. His consultant did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

"All three candidates, certainly Meijer and Afendoulis, have to persuade voters that they made not have been as strong supporters in the past but they are now and will be in the future," said Steve Mitchell, a Michigan-based consultant who worked for a GOP candidate who dropped out.

Trump loyalty alone may not be enough, however.

"Not in that district, I don't think as much," said retiring Michigan Rep. Paul Mitchell, who's been critical of Trump despite representing the Michigan district that Trump carried by the biggest margin.

"There is no anti-Trumper, so you can't say, 'I'm more Trump than anyone else,'" Anuzis added.


Afendoulis said at a debate last year that she could disagree with the president "and do it respectfully."

Meijer, an Iraq vet who has written that he's running to "help Trump end our forever wars," has struck a similar tone.

"I'm not running my campaign on who will work for the president the best, I'm running on who will work with the president the best," he said.

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