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'I wanted to fight back': Meet the immigrant who's taking Trump to the Supreme Court over DACA

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"By expanding the opportunities available to DACA recipients, this program has benefited America's companies, our nation's economy, and all Americans," they stated.

On Twitter, President Trump urged the court to strike down the program and said that Congress will have to find a solution to allow DACA recipients to remain in the United States.

"If they do what is right and do not let DACA stand, with all of its negative legal implications, the Republicans and Democrats will have a DEAL to let them stay in our Country ... " Trump tweeted Oct. 9.

However, it's more complicated than that, said Elizabeth Keyes, associate professor of law at the University of Baltimore. She said it's unlikely Congress will take up the controversial issue.

While her case has advanced, Perales Sanchez graduated from Princeton in 2018, got a job at the Centro de Los Derechos del Migrante and moved to an apartment in Bolton Hill.

She tries not to get too comfortable in one place because her future is so uncertain, she said. The only decorations in her living room are reminders of what gives her hope. A Virgen de Guadalupe icon sits on her TV stand, next to an old photograph of her grandpa, and a picture of her parents, just before cancer claimed her mother's life.

"I focus so much on work because I think in that way I keep her memory alive," Perales Sanchez said. "Focusing on the two things she loved -- education and life service -- made me feel like I was commemorating her in a good way and made me feel even closer to her."


Perales Sanchez wants to get a law degree and continue to defend migrants' rights.

She sees her case and her everyday work as part of a broader movement -- one of pursuing freedom and the ability to choose where one calls home, regardless of where you were born.

"I'm prepared to keep fighting."

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