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FDA consumer advisory says this children's cough syrup has a microbial contamination risk

David J. Neal, Miami Herald on

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MIAMI -- The Food and Drug Administration issued a consumer advisory earlier this month to avoid Rompe Pecho EX and Rompe Pecho CF children's cough syrups for the possibility of a microbial contamination.

"These contaminated cough medicines could potentially cause illness," the advisory says.

Though the advisory was first posted Oct. 11, it undoubtedly will get more attention now that Walmart noted the advisory on its food, drug and product recalls page.

The advisory also says the FDA recommended the distributor, Northwest Miami-Dade company Efficient Laboratories, recall the cough syrups. Efficient hasn't done so.

In response to questions from the Miami Herald, Efficient emailed a statement Tuesday afternoon that the company follows strict guidelines, hasn't had a problem with the FDA in 36 previous years and "is currently working with the FDA to ensure the compliance of its products Rompe Pecho EX and Rompe Pecho CF."

Not answered in the statement were questions from the Herald, such as, "Why has Efficient not recalled the cough syrups?" and "Where are the cough syrups manufactured and who is the manufacturer?"


The FDA was similarly vague in its advisory about how it knows there's a microbial contamination risk. Consumers with any problems should see a medical professional.

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