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Ken Herman: In Houston, 'Howdy, Modi!' event offers warm welcome to Trump

Ken Herman, Austin American-Statesman on

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HOUSTON -- First, and with the deepest and most sincere sense of appreciation and jealousy, a tip of the cowboy hat to the genius who came up with the name of the event in which a crowd announced at 50,000 people of Indian descent gathered Sunday to greet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Houston home stadium of the Texans.

"Howdy, Modi!" (And always with the exclamation mark.)

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner welcomed everyone to NRG Stadium "to say howdy to Modi." And Modi, prior to delivering remarks in Hindi, opened with "Howdy, my friends" and sprinkled a few "Howdy, Modis!" into his Hindi remarks.

Howdy, Modi! had been in the works since July. President Donald Trump announced his participation, at Modi's invitation, last Monday, noting "I have a very good relationship with Prime Minister Modi."

It must be noted here that Trump also boasts of his very good relationships with such leaders as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and Mitch McConnell.

But Modi's feelings toward Trump were clear in the Indian prime minister's over-the-top introduction of Trump. Modi thinks as highly of our president as our president thinks of himself, if that's possible.


"He needs no introduction," Modi said in beginning his bombastic intro. "His name is familiar to every person on the planet. His name comes up in almost every conversation in the world on global politics."

The crowd cheered. But Modi wasn't done.

"His every word is followed by tens of millions. He was a household name and very popular, even before he went on to occupy the highest office in this great country. From CEO to commander in chief, from board rooms into the Oval Office, from studios to global stage. ... He has left a deep and lasting impact everywhere."

Yes, we've noticed.


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