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Jeffrey Epstein accuser seeks to question him before filing lawsuit

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Kaiser declined to make Araoz available for an interview and wouldn't say whether she had spoken with federal authorities, who have asked that any new Epstein victims and witnesses come forward.

Epstein, 66, was arrested Saturday night and charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy in an indictment unsealed on Monday. The hedge fund manager is accused of using his wealth and power to attract dozens of girls to his Manhattan mansion, where he is alleged to have sexually abused them for years.

In the suit, Araoz recalls that one room in the mansion was "designed to look like his favorite room at the White House, which he called 'the Blue Room.' " During a tour of the home, which included his taxidermy collection, she says, Epstein showed her the master bedroom, which featured a large hot tub "and prosthetic breasts on the wall in a bathroom that he could look at or play with in the bathtub."

The recruiter eventually took Araoz to meet Epstein, according to the draft lawsuit, and after she was given food and wine, Epstein handed her $300, saying, "I take care of the people I care about."

Araoz says she told Epstein she was a high school freshman and returned several times with the woman, then visited him alone. Each time, she alleges, Epstein handed her $300 as she was leaving. She says she wasn't worried, because his home was "only a couple of blocks from her high school" and he had "done nothing to give her concern."

At one point, Epstein took Araoz to a massage room, "painted with ornate murals to look like ancient Rome," and told her that he needed to see her nude to determine if she could be a model, she alleges. After she disrobed, she says, he asked her to give him a massage, fondled her and masturbated, repeating the process each time she visited over the next year.


In the end, Kaiser said, Araoz dropped out of high school.

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