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Witness in SEAL trial says he — not Gallagher — killed wounded Iraqi

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Testimony was expected to continue Thursday afternoon in the fourth day of trial for Gallagher.

Earlier this week, two other platoon mates delivered testimony favorable to the prosecution. One said he saw Gallagher stab the fighter in the neck and saw Scott deliver aid by putting a bandage on the fighter's neck. Another platoon member said he saw Gallagher shoot an old man, an Iraqi civilian, from a sniper position and that he has seen Gallagher shoot into a crowd of civilians.

Scott's testimony delivers the latest serious blow to the prosecution's case in a trial that has commanded national attention.

In recent weeks it was discovered that a prosecutor and Navy investigators had embedded tracking software into emails sent to defense attorneys and to a Navy Times reporter in a failed attempt to discover a source of leaks to the news media. The judge in the case said the action violated Gallagher's rights, so he removed the prosecutor and reduced the maximum penalty Gallagher would face if he were found guilty.

Conservative news pundits, some politicians, as well as Gallagher's family members and supporters have long said Gallagher should not have been charged.


President Donald Trump got involved by having Gallagher transferred out of the brig weeks before trial. Mukasey, who is representing Gallagher, is one of Trump's personal attorneys.

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