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Mitt Romney and Rand Paul speak up against 'no budget, no pay'

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"I really do think no budget, no pay is something very difficult for members to vote against. I mean, self-flagellation is publicly popular, I get that," Johnson said, saying he was more concerned with moving the underlying anti-shutdown bill from Sens. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

"I think it's common sense: If we can't do our jobs and get a budget done, then we shouldn't get paid; it'll go into escrow, just sort of like what happened to the Coast Guard in this last shutdown," Scott said. "I just believe it's what happens in business. If you don't do your job in business, you don't get paid. And the same thing should happen here."

Later in the debate, Scott said he understood the concerns raised by Paul and Romney about the differences in the financial situations of different members, but the Republican from Florida came to a different conclusion.

"The private sector works just like this," Scott said. "I ran companies, if I did the wrong thing, people didn't get paid ... and everybody got work."

Sen. Mike Braun, the Indiana Republican who has been Scott's partner on the legislation in the 116th Congress, expressed a similar sentiment in a statement.

"In the real world nobody gets rewarded for not doing their jobs, and today's victory for No Budget No Pay is a big step toward pulling Washington out of la-la land and getting Congress working for the American people again," Braun said.


As amended, the government shutdown prevention bill from Lankford and Hassan advanced through committee, 10-2, though the automatic CR language should send it next to the Appropriations Committee rather than to the floor.

(David Jordan contributed to this report.)

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