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Republicans devise plan to prop up 10 vulnerable House districts with extra cash

Rick Childress and David Lightman, McClatchy Washington Bureau on

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Brendan Steinhauser, a communications adviser to the Texas Republican Party and who worked with McCaul's campaign last year, said that many of the 2018 election results jolted the state GOP.

Steinhauser said the party will remind new voters that a big reason they are in Texas is the state's conservative fiscal policy and relatively low taxes that have made the state more attractive for consumers and commerce.

None of the Texas congressional offices mentioned responded to requests for comment.

David Wasserman, a House political analyst with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, said many of the districts in Texas are "ticking time bombs" for the Republican party because of demographic changes.

The difference could be President Donald Trump. Wasserman said that many of the vulnerable Republican incumbents can bank on a large turnout of pro-Trump voters.

"The people who were missing from the 2018 election were predominantly whites without college degrees who were predominantly a pro-Trump demographic and that could protect these Republicans for another couple years," Wasserman said.


Wasserman also said that the Texas Republican he believes is most vulnerable is notably missing from the Patriot Program list.

Rep. Kenny Marchant, whose district is just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has seen a major influx of non-white voters and liberal professionals, Wasserman said. Marchant, now in his eighth House term, could be in real danger of being unseated if he faces a credible opponent, he said.

"They clearly don't want to admit that it's a competitive seat," Wasserman said of why Marchant was not included on the list. "But he may be one of the most endangered Republicans in the state."

Marchant could not immediately be reached for comment.


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