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Ex-Baltimore Mayor Pugh fulfilled final 'Healthy Holly' deal, attorney says — but unclear where the books went

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Kromar said it was not contacted about printing a fourth batch of books.

Pugh has used a second Canadian printer: Premier Printing. The FBI took a "Healthy Holly" book proof and a Premier Printing invoice from City Hall, according to receipts of property seized during the raid.

Premier Printing President William Gortemaker confirmed his company printed books for Pugh on multiple occasions, but would not say when or how many.

Silverman has declined to answer similar questions or to provide invoices related to Premier Printing, saying shortly after the City Hall raid that they were "in the hands of the government."

Silverman previously said the books to fulfill the fourth UMMS payment were "ready for delivery" in May. He also said earlier that his office was working to determine if books were still due under the deals Pugh had struck with other organizations to buy books for children.

Some of those entities had business before the city. Pugh has not provided evidence that she fulfilled those orders, though some of the buyers -- including Kaiser Permanente -- said they received books. Others said they did not receive all the books they paid for.


(The Baltimore Sun Talia Richman contributed to this article.)

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