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Connecticut radio station rebrands itself as 'Trump 103.3' in 'ultra conservative' talk format

Neil Vigdor, The Hartford Courant on

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- Few people work harder than Donald Trump when it comes to self promotion, but now Connecticut radio station WDRC is doing it for him, rebranding itself as "Trump Radio."

The station's brass is touting the new "ultra conservative talk" format -- which is expected to be temporary -- as the "brave new voice of freedom." The station's lineup includes Lee Elci, Brad Davis, Mike Gallagher, commentary from Bill O'Reilly and Ben Shapiro.

It's all part of an effort by the station, which is running promos calling for the firing of Gov. Ned Lamont, to galvanize conservatives in the state. How that plays in deep blue Connecticut remains to be seen.

"My (station) owner is a crazy person, but in a good way. He likes to make a big splash and he likes to ramp up the listeners," Elci said Wednesday. "It seems like the listeners have embraced it, even if it is for the short term. A lot of people like it. A lot of people think it's funny."

A request for comment was left Wednesday for the station's owner, John Fuller of Full Power Radio. The station broadcasts on a number of frequencies, including 103.3 FM and 1360 AM.

Trump Radio is trying to stoke the opposition to Lamont's controversial transportation funding plan, which calls for high-speed tolls to be installed on Interstates 91, 84, 95 and Route 15, which encompasses the Merritt and Wilbur Cross parkways.


"I'm disappointed. I can't get Lamont to come on the show," Elci said. "He doesn't want to talk to these listeners anyway."

Lamont senior adviser Colleen Flanagan Johnson took a swipe at the station's rebranding campaign.

'How do you say desperate in Russian?" Flanagan Johnson said Wednesday. "This is nothing more than a PR ploy to try to attract listeners who are already predisposed to believe that anything Gov. Lamont does is wrong and anything President Trump does is right. It's a shame that when Gov. Lamont's transportation investment bill passes people will have less time to listen to this station in their cars due to reduced congestion, quicker commutes and additional transit options. Sad."

A request for comment was left with the White House Wednesday about Trump Radio.


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