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Trinity College professor tweets 'Whiteness is terrorism,' criticizes Obamas

Neil Vigdor, The Hartford Courant on

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"They also contradict our fundamental institutional values and run counter to our efforts to bridge divides and to promote understanding, both among members of our college community and between us and members of communities beyond our own," Berger-Sweeney said.

A Trinity spokeswoman was not immediately prepared to comment on the latest controversial tweets.

"This stuff is not for the faint-hearted," Williams told The Hartford Courant in an interview Tuesday.

A group of Trinity graduates, commenting on the Facebook page Alumni for a Better Trinity College, condemned Williams' remarks.

"I think he's telling us he's a hateful bigot," wrote Steve Musicant, a 1985 graduate of Trinity.

Musicant told the Courant that even as a philosophy major and a liberal Democrat from Bloomfield who is the parent of a current Trinity student, he finds Williams' comments disturbing.


"I don't believe there's any room for that," said Musicant, who has been auditing classes the past two semesters at his alma mater. "He's a bigot and I think he should be fired."

Musicant characterized the controversy as a "black eye" for Trinity, where he said there's an assumed progressivism because it is a liberal arts college, but is stereotypically preppie. He was not aware of Williams' Facebook comments about the Obamas.

"He's a piece of ... " Musicant said.

Howard Scott Nesbitt, a 1983 Trinity graduate, first posted Williams' tweets on the Alumni for a Better Trinity College Facebook page. He said he reached out to Williams for an explanation and received a thoughtful reply from the professor.


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