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Off-duty Chicago cop under investigation after 'altercation' with officers at shooting scene

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"I know who you are," an officer said, telling him to relax as they walked him out of the crime scene to the nearby police car. They opened the rear passenger side door.

"Boss, I'm not sitting in that car," the sergeant was heard saying. Eventually most of the officers walked away. The sergeant, now uncuffed, lingered in the street talking to two uniformed officers. He said he was an off-duty sergeant and said he had tried to revive the man who was shot. "You know who I am," he kept saying.

City records show a Chicago police sergeant with the name and badge number given by the man. Several officers on the scene said they knew who he was. One of the officers who talked with the off-duty sergeant pointed out a reporter nearby writing down what he was saying.

"That's not how you treat other police officers," the off-duty sergeant said. "I'm gonna have a lawsuit, I got cuffed. ... I'm a sergeant of police, I'm a sergeant of police, OK, so -- so who cuffed me?"

One of the officers acknowledged his involvement in the cuffing.

"You? OK, I assisted, tried to help the victim that got shot," the off-duty sergeant said. "I got cuffed because I'm trying to help the victim, I did CPR on him."

Guglielmi said he had no record of the off-duty sergeant performing any type of CPR or helping in any other way.


The sergeant also told the officers that he had been with two other men in a cab when they came upon the shooting, referring to one of his companions as a "copper."

Guglielmi confirmed other officers were there with the sergeant but said he was "not clear what, if any, involvement they had" and that internal affairs will continue to investigate.

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