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Cardin and Schneider introduce bills to block Trump's military parade

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WASHINGTON – Two Democrats in each chamber of Congress are pushing legislation to prevent President Donald Trump's proposed military parade.

Rep. Brad Schneider of Illinois and Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland both introduced measures on Thursday that would make it difficult for the president's show to go on.

The action comes after the Washington Post reported the president wanted a military parade similar to one he saw in France on Bastille Day.

Schneider's legislation, called the Preparedness Before Parades Act, would prevent any military parades if they negatively affected the military's readiness, according to a news release.

"The best way to honor our men and women in uniform is by supplying the training, equipment, and support they need to succeed on the battlefield and get them back home safely," he said. "This bill ensures our military leaders are consulted and that any parades do not distract from their critical missions."

Cardin introduced partner legislation in the Senate and urged colleagues in a letter to oppose parades as well.

"Not only will this bill prevent grand-scale parades as a 'show of force,' but it would also limit the impact of national military parades will have on military readiness," his letter said.

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Cardin said he offered a similar amendment to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Bill but it was rejected.

"We have the best armed forces in the world. We don't need to flex our muscle to showcase our military hardware," Cardin said in a tweet.

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