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'My Democratic friends are mad at me': Donna Brazile explains herself in deep-left San Francisco

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"Let's give Donald Trump some credit. I know you're all going to boo me. He cracked the blue wall. He saw every day what we saw. He saw Hillary's campaign flying over Michigan and Wisconsin," said Brazile, referring to two pivotal states Clinton lost.

Given the outcome, veteran Democratic political consultant Ace Smith said that Democrats would be wise to take a deep breath and study what Brazile has to say.

"Donna Brazile is one of the truly brilliant minds in the Democratic Party, and she's venting her frustration on the way she was treated and frankly she has every right to do so," said Smith, who worked for Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. "And frankly people should sit up, take notes and change things instead of carping about it."

In the book, Brazile writes that the Clinton campaign in essence took over the Democratic National Committee, dictating staffing moves, completely controlling the purse strings of the party and crafting a fundraising agreement between her campaign and the DNC that was pivotal in keeping the party afloat financially.

"They're mad at me because I said we should never have a campaign where one candidate chooses how to spend money for a political party before (she is) the nominee," Brazile said.

Brazile took the reigns of the DNC in July 2016 after its chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned when internal DNC emails were leaked showing that party staffers were discussing tactics to douse the Sanders campaign.


Brazile herself faced allegations of favoritism toward Clinton when she worked as a CNN political analyst. Additional leaked emails revealed that, before a CNN town hall in March 2016, Brazile provided Clinton with questions that would be asked during the event. As a result, the cable network fired Brazile.

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