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Chicago aldermen want federal investigation of city Law Department

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CHICAGO -- As the U.S. Justice Department asks Chicago to address deep flaws in police officers' use of force, a group of aldermen is accusing Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Law Department of enabling the misconduct and is asking federal authorities to investigate.

The City Council's Progressive Caucus sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch...Read more

US sends 10 Guantanamo captives to Oman

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The Arabian Sea nation of Oman said Monday it has taken in 10 Guantanamo captives for the Obama administration, which is in a final push to thin the detention center population by Inauguration Day.

A Pentagon official who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed that the transfer had taken place, downsizing the detainee population to 45. ...Read more

It's Merkel vs. Facebook as Germany heads into election year

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BERLIN -- While celebrating the 2013 election victory that gave her a third term as German chancellor, Angela Merkel reached over a colleague's shoulder and removed a German flag from his hand. A video of that small gesture, meant to declutter an image she knew would soon rocket around the globe, went viral on social media as purported evidence ...Read more

Trump's EU, NATO snub stuns Europe's leaders, evoking unity call

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BRUSSELS -- European governments, stunned by President-elect Donald Trump's remarks slamming NATO and saying other European Union nations would follow the U.K. out of the bloc, called for cool heads and closer unity.

"I don't share his prediction that there are other Brexit-type departures from the EU on the horizon," Sandro Gozi, Italy's ...Read more

Trump offers Britain quick trade accord as he shuns Europe

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LONDON -- President-elect Donald Trump said he would offer the U.K. a quick and "fair" trade deal when he meets Prime Minister Theresa May shortly after taking office, as he signaled a major shift in trans-Atlantic relations.

"We're gonna work very hard to get it done quickly and done properly. Good for both sides," Trump said in an interview ...Read more

Study predicts decline in Dungeness crab from ocean acidification

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SEATTLE -- Dungeness crab are forecast to take a hit from ocean acidification driven by fossil-fuel combustion, according to a new study.

Though the populations of the Dungeness crab fluctuate year by year, their overall abundance by 2063 could be about 30 percent lower, according to federal fishery biologist Issac Kaplan, a co-author of the ...Read more

How these LA-born pink hats became worldwide symbol of anti-Trump women's march

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LOS ANGELES -- Krista Suh plans to attend the women's march in Washington, D.C., this week to protest Donald Trump's presidency, and she wanted to make a statement. But she also had a more primal goal: staying warm.

"I wanted to do something more than just show up," said the 29-year-old screenwriter who lives in downtown Los Angeles, recalling ...Read more

Trump won't yet say who's giving money for his inauguration

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NEW YORK -- Donald Trump is keeping the names of the people and companies donating millions of dollars to his inauguration festivities next week secret –– a break from Republican and Democratic predecessors in the White House.

At least the last three presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, disclosed the names of donors ...Read more

Trump's transition hits a rough patch, polls show

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WASHINGTON -- As a developer and a reality-TV star, Donald Trump seemed to believe there was no such thing as too much publicity.

As president-elect, he's finding that's not so.

Trump hasn't yet taken the oath of office, but judging by the latest polls, he's already started to wear out his welcome.

In the weeks immediately after the election,...Read more

Obama acknowledges some failures, warns Trump about perils of Washington's partisanship

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WASHINGTON -- In a farewell interview with CBS' "60 Minutes," President Barack Obama warned successor Donald Trump on Sunday about the downsides of a presidency as improvisational as his campaign, and suggested that Trump's vow to implement change may fall to the same forces of partisanship that hampered his presidency.

"He clearly was able to ...Read more

Bishop Eddie Long, influential pastor at Georgia megachurch, dies

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ATLANTA -- Bishop Eddie L. Long, a former corporate salesman who went on to build Georgia's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, one of the most prominent ministries in the nation, if not the world, died Sunday after a battle with cancer.

He was 63.

Long's influence was felt in cities beyond Lithonia such as Charlotte, N.C., and Birmingham, ...Read more

Author of California histories and former State Librarian Kevin Starr dies at 76

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LOS ANGELES -- Former California State Librarian Kevin Starr, who wrote rich cultural, economic and political histories on the birth, growth and maturation of the Golden State, died on Saturday. He was 76.

Starr, a professor at the University of Southern California, died of a heart attack Saturday at a hospital in San Francisco, according to ...Read more

Obama doubts Trump can govern via Twitter, admits mistakes

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WASHINGTON ––Barack Obama used his final national television interview as president to express doubts that Donald Trump will be able to effectively govern by firing off tweets, and offered some advice about the president-elect's feud with the intelligence community.

In an interview shown Sunday on CBS's "60 Minutes," Obama also acknowledged...Read more

CIA Director John Brennan takes aim at Donald Trump for his criticism of intelligence community

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WASHINGTON -- Adding another chapter to the intense conflict between Donald Trump and the intelligence community, CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday sharply criticized the incoming president for equating spy agencies to Nazi Germany and suggested that he needed to focus more seriously on the security issues facing the nation.

"What I think Mr....Read more

Trump calls NATO obsolete and dismisses EU in German interview

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BERLIN ––U.S. President-elect Donald Trump called NATO obsolete, predicted that other countries would follow Britain in leaving the European Union in an interview with Germany's Bild newspaper.

Quoted in German from a conversation held in English, Trump predicted that Britain's exit from the EU will be a success and portrayed the EU as an ...Read more

Sen. Feinstein says Russian hacking 'altered the outcome' of election

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WASHINGTON-- Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election "altered the outcome," Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said Sunday, adding that classified briefings had laid out a "very sophisticated effort" by Moscow to impede Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Feinstein did not specifically say whether she thought Clinton would have won absent ...Read more

Trump White House considers moving news briefings

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WASHINGTON ––The incoming Trump administration is considering moving White House news briefings out of the West Wing to accommodate more than the "Washington media elite," President-elect Donald Trump's press secretary said.

"This is about greater accessibility, more people in the process," Sean Spicer said Sunday on Fox News. Involving ...Read more

Trump aide says ethics agency director should 'be careful' about comments

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's incoming chief of staff said Sunday that the top U.S. ethics official "ought to be careful" after publicly criticizing the president-elect's plan to step down from leading his businesses while keeping his ownership interests.

"That person is becoming extremely political," Reince Priebus said Sunday of Walter Shaub ...Read more

Paris meeting reaffirms global support for 2-state Mideast peace deal

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PARIS -- The creation of a Palestinian state remains the only acceptable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an international meeting in Paris concluded Sunday.

The meeting of about 75 nations and international organizations convened to express frustration at the stalemate in peacemaking.

A resolution by the participants reaffirmed ...Read more

CIA director warns Trump as tensions rise with intelligence agencies

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WASHINGTON ––The outgoing CIA director Sunday called Donald Trump's comments about the U.S. intelligence community "outrageous" and suggested that the president-elect's attitude toward Russia reflected an incomplete understanding of that country's intentions.

The comments by John Brennan on "Fox News Sunday" came as tensions rise between ...Read more