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Jonathan Bernstein: Trump's approval ratings one year into his term

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At the one-year mark, it's time to check in again on President Donald Trump's approval ratings.

The good news for him is that he's been rallying for the last month. After bottoming out (according to the FiveThirtyEight estimate, based on an adjusted averaging of all the polls that are out there) at a dismal 36.4 percent approval rating on Dec. ...Read more

White House promises this shutdown 'will look very different.' Will it?

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WASHINGTON -- The government shutdown is fast becoming an unwelcome and costly staple of American democracy. After the last prolonged closure delivered a substantial hit to the economy and created hardship and frustration for millions, lawmakers vowed never again.

And yet, here we are again.

The Trump administration is scrambling to soften the...Read more

Secret House Republican memo causes new rifts over Russia investigation

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WASHINGTON -- Conservative Republicans are pushing to release a memo containing classified information about the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign, sparking new controversy in a case that has already caused deep partisan rifts.

The contents of the four-page memo, which was written by staff working with Rep. Devin ...Read more

CDC finds huge increase in young women prescribed ADHD meds

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The number of young women prescribed medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) skyrocketed between 2003 and 2015, according to a new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report did not address why the medications are becoming so common. The findings could be an indication that ADHD is no longer ...Read more

Flu death count in California jumps

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LOS ANGELES -- The death toll from influenza in California rose sharply on Friday, amid a brutal flu season that has spread across the nation.

State health officials said that 32 people under 65 died last week of the flu, making it the deadliest week this season so far. In total, 74 people under age 65 have died of the flu since October, ...Read more

House votes to table Trump impeachment

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WASHINGTON -- Members of both parties in the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Friday to table articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

The final vote was 355 in favor of a motion by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to table the articles of impeachment against the president. Only 66 Democrats voted against the ...Read more

Plaintiffs appeal Pennsylvania gerrymandering case to Supreme Court

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PHILADELPHIA -- After federal judges rejected their contention that Pennsylvania's congressional map was the product of unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering, plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit have filed a direct appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a 2-1 decision last week, a panel of federal judges sided with Republican lawmakers who drew ...Read more

Under Trump, parks to stay open even if government shuts down

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. government offices may be locked and most federal employees sent home, but the Trump administration has a plan to blunt the pain of a federal shutdown: It will keep many national parks and monuments open.

President Donald Trump will keep the sites accessible even if rangers and other federal employees aren't working. That is ...Read more

Congressman says 'possible terrorist nexus' in Vegas massacre

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WASHINGTON -- Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry speculated that there was a "possible terrorist nexus" in the Las Vegas mass shooting in October.

"Well, I smell a rat like a lot of Americans do. Nothing is adding up. It's been four months as you said," the Pennsylvania Republican said in an interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson.

Perry, a member ...Read more

Poll: Democrats ready to move beyond Clinton, Republicans show some dissent on Trump in 2020 presidential race

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Two years after presidential primaries laid bare divisions in the Democratic Party, its voters remain in a muddle over whom they favor in the 2020 election, torn between a trio of veterans but unattached at this point to any of a fresh generation of potential candidates, a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll has found.

Hillary Clinton, the ...Read more

Pakistan closes U.S.-funded radio station, citing 'hostile' agenda

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Pakistani authorities on Friday closed the offices of a U.S. government-funded radio station whose broadcasts it said were "against the interests of Pakistan," dealing another blow to relations with the United States.

The Pakistani interior ministry said that Radio Mashaal portrayed the country as "a hub of terrorism" and...Read more

Ex-classmate accused of killing Blaze Bernstein boasted of religious faith, conservative views

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LOS ANGELES -- The 20-year-old Newport Beach man facing a murder charge in the fatal stabbing of former high school classmate Blaze Bernstein spoke openly on social media about his Catholic faith and conservative political views.

Samuel Lincoln Woodward wrote more than a year ago on his ASKfm page that if he were stranded on a tropical island, ...Read more

Women's March will go on, shutdown or not

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WASHINGTON -- The 2018 Women's March in Washington will move forward as planned on Saturday despite a looming government shutdown.

An estimated 5,500 marchers will gather at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool at 11 a.m. for a series of speeches before winding their way east down Constitution Avenue and north to the White House gates to ...Read more

Trump delays trip to Mar-a-Lago and tweets 'Shutdown coming?'

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WASHINGTON -- President Trump suggested a government shutdown was "coming" in a tweet early Friday as lawmakers scrambled to patch together a last-minute spending deal by midnight Eastern time, a task complicated by the president's remarks.

A White House official said Trump would not leave for his private club Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., ...Read more

Rider douses woman with liquid on Chicago Transit train, then sets seats on fire

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CHICAGO -- A man on a CTA Red Line train doused another passenger with an unknown liquid then set a small fire on the train car in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood on Thursday, according to witnesses and authorities.

Leora Arsers, 26, was riding in a crowded southbound Red Line train car a little after 5 p.m., headed to her Lakeview apartment, ...Read more

Baltimore Mayor Pugh replaces police commissioner Kevin Davis

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BALTIMORE -- Mayor Catherine Pugh replaced police commissioner Kevin Davis on Friday, citing the need to get a handle on Baltimore's record levels of violence.

Deputy Commissioner Darryl D. DeSousa, the top commander in the police department's patrol bureau, will take Davis' place, effectively immediately.

Pugh said his appointment will be ...Read more

With shutdown looming, Trump doubts Dems will keep lights on

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WASHINGTON -- With just hours to go before his government will shut down, President Donald Trump started the day by using that prospect to make the case for Republican candidates in November's midterm elections.

And he teased the possibility of a shutdown in his showman style -- "Shutdown coming?"

The House on Thursday night passed a four-week...Read more

How House Republicans got to 'yes' on funding the government

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WASHINGTON -- All eyes will be on the Senate on Friday as lawmakers there race against the clock to avert a government shutdown. But over in the House, Republicans are happy they were able to pass a four-week stopgap measure without turning to the Democrats for help.

It wasn't an easy task for House GOP leaders to cobble up the 216 votes within...Read more

Trump's first year: Support erodes among surveyed voters

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump began his presidency a polarizing figure; he ends his first year a beleaguered one.

As the anniversary of Trump's inauguration approaches Saturday, the president's support has eroded, his opposition has gained energy and his party faces bleak prospects for the midterm election in November, according to a new USC ...Read more

That time a reporter was mistaken for Gianni Versace's killer Andrew Cunanan during manhunt

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-- "I am not a serial killer," I repeatedly told a crush of cops as they surrounded me outside a Fort Lauderdale office building.

It was July 1997 and South Florida's eyes were on the lookout for Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace's killer.

I had gone to interview a gentleman who may have known Cunanan. But the man mistook my ...Read more