Color of Money: Furloughed federal workers turn to loans, GoFundMe campaigns and more to make ends meet

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"We expect that number to increase," the spokesman said.

The credit union will accept registration for the loan program until three business days after a member's scheduled payday.

Workers have filed for unemployment. However, for many people, the checks won't be nearly enough to meet their needs. By the way, unemployment benefits are subject to federal income tax.

"I feel just awful about filing for unemployment benefits," one federal employee said, responding to one of my columns about the shutdown. "It is really hurting my pride, even though I did nothing to deserve being furloughed."

During a press conference in the Rose Garden last week, American Urban Radio Networks' White House correspondent April Ryan asked Trump: "What is the safety net for federal workers? You're saying months and possibly a year for this shutdown. Do you have in mind a safety net for those who need their checks?"

"Well, the safety net is going to be having a strong border, because we're going to be safe," Trump said.


Hyperbole about a wall Mexico was supposed to pay for, Mr. President, won't pay anyone's bills.


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