Color of Money: Don't gamble on becoming a bitcoin millionaire

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Q: Should people borrow to invest in bitcoin?

DiGiovanni: "Borrowing money to invest in bitcoin is stupidity squared."

Podnos: "They should not invest in bitcoin at all, much less borrow to do so."

Schmansky: "Absolutely never borrow to buy bitcoin. While it may seem like a decent bet on its good days, it's a bet that can flip where you owe the debt and have nothing of value to show for it."

I'm not a financial planner. But I do have a lot of common sense. If you can afford to lose every penny you invest and not lose any sleep over the loss, do what you want. However, if you have a regular job, a mortgage, kids to put through college, credit card debt, a pitiful emergency fund and a lackluster retirement account, don't even think about buying bitcoin. The currency may be virtual, but the investment risk is very real.

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