College Education Not Worth It

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Dear Mr. Berko: My husband and I are in our 30s and make about $87,000 a year. We have a 10-year-old son, and we want him to go to college and become a doctor and make a good living. We're told a bachelor's degree will cost at least $125,000 in 2027. That's terrible. What can we do? Our son isn't brilliant. He works hard but gets B's and C's. ...Read more

Andeavor May Be Worth the Risk

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Dear Mr. Berko: Please tell me what you can about Andeavor Logistics. Would this be a good stock to buy 200 shares of for a long-term hedge against inflation and the cost of living? -- BD, Austin, Texas

Dear BD: This is a speculative stock, but in my opinion, ANDX is a diversified midstream pipeline company that has a 73 percent degree of ...Read more

Uber and Zoetis

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Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker insists that Uber, which is valued at $120 billion, will come public in the second quarter of 2019. He doesn't have a price yet but promises he could get at least 100 shares at the initial public offering price. He says the stock could double on the first day and thinks I should buy more shares as the price runs ...Read more

Wright May Be Wrong

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Dear Mr. Berko: Please tell me about Wright Medical Group. Because of its development of artificial cartilage, my stockbroker is recommending that I buy 1,000 shares on margin. I owned stock in the company at $31 in 2008 and took a huge loss. Unless you approve, I'm reluctant to invest in Wright again. -- CB, Kankakee, Ill.

Dear CB: Wall ...Read more


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