Investments Down Under and Way Up North

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Dear Mr. Berko: We're both 73, and like most Americans, we're starving for yield but scared to reach. Our neighbor told us he just bought 150 shares of Westpac Banking Corp., an Australian company. We could buy 200 shares if you think the stock, including its dividend, is safe. Also, we are told that Iceland's money market accounts pay 4.25 ...Read more

What's Up With General Electric?

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Dear Mr. Berko: I bought 250 shares of General Electric at $27 over four years ago, and I'm tired of owning it. Please tell me what's wrong. Its performance has been so disappointing that I could cry. -- HS, Joliet, Ill.

Dear HS: General Electric's major problem is that during evolution, the ancestors of 11 of its board members were in the ...Read more

Earthmoving Stock

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Dear Mr. Berko: My 83-year-old dad can no longer manage his $565,000 stock and bond portfolio, so it has become my responsibility, which I'm glad to take. I am an accountant and am familiar with the stock market. My dad and I, having read your column for nearly 35 years (I've been a reader since I was 20), trust your advice. Dad's portfolio ...Read more


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