School's (Almost) Out ... Time for Tutoring!

Cliff Ennico on

"I'm a retired teacher, and I'm thinking about buying one of the 'after-school tutoring' franchises. The franchise agreement says that I'm responsible for complying with all state and local laws but doesn't give any guidance as to what I need to look for. Can you give me an idea of what I will need to do?"

It's amazing how many startup companies, not just franchises, are taking advantage of parents' fears that the public school systems aren't good enough to get their kids into college (or that the competition is so fierce the kids will have to work a double shift to get there). Within the last month alone, I have seen literature from companies offering:

-- after-school tutoring in virtually all subjects for grades K-12

-- intensive instruction in French, Spanish or another foreign language

-- science and math instruction designed especially for girls

-- computer coding skills


-- test preparation for the SATs and other college-entry examinations

-- after-school instruction in music, drama and the fine arts

-- coaching and advice on how to fill out college applications, write essays that are guaranteed to get the admissions committee's attention and survive interviews with local alumni/ae (for example, if you were a star in your high school play this year, bring a video of your performance to the interview and offer to watch it with the interviewer)

-- instruction in sports that are outside the mainstream (squash, anyone?)


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