Miracle Diet Plans for 2018 That Really Work!

Cliff Ennico on

There's a lot of stuff going on in the world of small business right now: the new tax law, changes in the way web-based businesses are regulated, Amazon taking over the world.

But let's be honest. Right now, all anyone is thinking about is losing weight -- the No. 1 New Year's resolution of all time.

Just as there is no shortage of small business advice, there is no shortage of advice on how to lose weight. But losing weight is simple. A former internist of mine once summarized the weight-loss process in two words: "eat less."

In a 1963 animated cartoon based on the Beetle Bailey comic strip (, perpetually overweight Sgt. Snorkel buys a diet book that has three simple rules:

--Rule 1: Don't eat.

--Rule 2: Don't eat.

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--Rule 3: When not eating ... don't eat.

OK, but while losing weight is simple (to understand), it is not at all easy (to do). For any diet to succeed, two things are required:

Self-Discipline: Whatever program you're on, you have to stick to it, and for long periods of time without holidays or cheating. U.S. Marines and Buddhist monks have no trouble with diets.

Saying No to Nice People: As in so many areas of life, the people who stand between you and success are the people who love you, the people whose judgment you care about, the people who congratulate you on your New Year's weight-loss resolution but then suggest you order out for pizza. If you are serious about losing weight, accept that you are going to be a miserable, nasty killjoy for a while, and you may lose some friends and loved ones along with the excess tonnage. Most of us can't do it.


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