Delegating the Right Way: Part 1 of 2

Cliff Ennico on

One of the hardest things company founders, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals can do is get out of their own way and allow their businesses to grow without them.

And there is one -- and only one -- way to do that: delegating to others.

No individual can build a billion-dollar business by himself. Doing that requires building systems to run the business and a team to manage the systems. Building a team requires the owners to surrender control and do only those things no one else can do.

So why do so many successful business owners have trouble delegating?

There are many reasons, such as the following:

--They are control freaks who fear others won't do as good a job as they do.

--They truly love doing the task at hand and don't want to give that up (the craftsman syndrome).

--They are happy being a one-person band and don't want to grow their businesses beyond what one person can do.

--They are concerned about additional costs and time getting jobs done.

--They are afraid the people they delegate to will steal customers, or trade secrets or other key assets of the business.


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