True Love Waits

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Our society today winks at the idea of sexual purity and abstinence before marriage. Based on some of the sex education courses in schools and the conduct of personalities in real life as well as in the television and movie industries, we're led to believe that abstinence is not only impossible, it's undesirable; that sex, under most circumstances, is not only fun but actually a goal worth striving for. This is in spite of the fact that overwhelming evidence indicates premarital sex has produced more teenage mothers raising children in poverty than ever before, and it has also produced an incredible number of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, which is fatal.

One of the most fascinating examples of the benefits of sexual purity took place in Brazil, which is by and large a sensual society, saturated with sexual immorality. In the midst of this culture, however, the Brazilian Baptist Youth sponsored a community blood drive in Campinas, held in conjunction with their national congress and the "True Love Waits" campaign. The blood drive broke two significant records: First, it was the most people -- 472 -- ever to donate blood at one time, and secondly, they achieved 100% uncontaminated blood. This is phenomenal because this largest recorded donation produced a perfect score. These Brazilian youth dramatically demonstrated that there are not only spiritual benefits to sexual purity but physical benefits as well.

If we pursue this another step, we will also see there are an incredible number of financial benefits that go with abstinence -- just think about it. Incidentally, 72% of the young men and women who make the National Honor Society are virgins, and non-virgins are six times as likely to commit suicide as are virgin young people. Think of the benefits that would come our way if we were to promote abstinence instead of indulgence. See you at the top!



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