Society: Positive or Negative?

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Is society negative or positive? The answer: It's more negative than positive. Dr. J. Allan Petersen points out that society's input is predominantly negative. Our conversations at home accentuate the negative. Unfortunately, a negative thinker activates the world around him negatively, and every bit of negativism he sows produces a bumper crop. Albert Einstein said we have to have seven positive influences to overcome one negative one.

Psychologist Shad Helmstetter offers this: "Most of the everyday suggestions in our society are extremely negative. Violent TV translates into a more violent culture. Sensationalism in the media toward sensuality and immediate gratification may well have helped spawn the almost immediate epidemic use of harmful drugs."

Change emphasis -- change results. Petersen points out that "a big city daily newspaper agreed not to put any suicide stories on the front page for a year. During that period, the suicide rate in that city dropped significantly. As soon as the stories reappeared on the front page, the suicide rate jumped right back up to where it had been before."

According to Helmstetter, the average child has heard negative comments like, "It can't be done," "You shouldn't do it" and "It's impossible," over 148,000 times before he leaves the nest.

So what's the solution to the problem? Ideally, we should have a recorder in every home and office so we can get a summary of our comments. In most cases, the negative will dominate the positive. Once we become aware of what we are doing, however, the solution is on its way.


Suggestion: Take one day, and after each encounter, jot down the gist of the conversation. I promise you, by the end of the day, your comments will be more positive than they were at the beginning. Give it a try, and I'll see you at the top!


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