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If you're an avid fan of golf, you might remember that John Daly won the British Open in 1995. What you might not know is that there were some "unsung heroes" involved -- Corey Pavin, Brad Faxon, Bob Estes, Mark Brooks and the caddy. The first four were tour players who had played in the tournament but did not make the playoff. Constantino Rocca sank a 65-foot putt to tie John Daly, which sent the two into a playoff.

Many people thought Rocca's putt completely shifted the momentum, and in all probability, Rocca had snatched the title out of John Daly's hand. They wondered if John would be able to recuperate and respond to the game. That's when Pavin, Faxon and Estes came over with Mark Brooks and supplied Daly with a distance card, which measures the exact distance from each spot on the course. It seems that Daly had misplaced his.

These four people, along with the caddy, encouraged and assured John that he was going to win, and the caddy was there to help him read those tricky British greens. When you combine all their efforts together with the fact that Daly was playing unusually well that day, you have the reason Daly won the British Open.

It's true that Daly got all the publicity and all the money, but the question is: Had those people not been there to help Daly, would he have won the British Open? Personally, I doubt Daly would've gained the title. That might be selling Daly short, but I don't think so. Encouragement from others makes a tremendous difference in what we are able to accomplish.


John Daly felt good about winning -- so did Corey Pavin, Brad Faxon, Mark Brooks, Bob Estes and the caddy. The message: There's tremendous reward in being an "unsung" hero -- I'll see you at the top!


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