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The story is told of a little girl who was away from home for the first time at camp. At bedtime she was seen with tears streaming down her cheeks and a camp counselor asked, "Are you homesick?" The little girl replied, "No, I'm not homesick. I'm heresick."

The word home is part of everyone's vocabulary, whether they have one or not. Personally, every time I return from a trip, whether I've been gone a day or several days, I'm always glad to get home. Many times people speak of their place of business as their "home away from home." Periodically, someone will leave a place of employment, return later and make the comment, "Man, I feel like I'm back home!" The same is true of athletes who sometimes make the circuit from one team to another, and yet there is that favorite place that just feels like home.

Home is used in a lot of phrases. "The point hit home," "The batter hit a home run," an announcer will enthusiastically say, "The runner is rounding third and is headed home." Most of the time the word home signifies victory, accomplishment, security, peace of mind, and other positive thoughts. Unfortunately, there are those who do not have homes and still others who have places of residence but they're certainly not homes in the sense that most of us think in terms of home. There are any number of things that can replace the feeling of security associated with "home" with a feeling of fright and dread -- an abusive or addicted parent or even an absentee parent, for instance. Under those circumstances, encouragement and education play a major part in their future. People who have homes that genuinely are havens have something to smile about and even more to be grateful for.



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