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On a regular basis, I hear people state they no longer read the newspaper because it is so "negative." Surveys reveal that newspaper readership has steadily gone downhill for the last 30 years and the No. 1 reason is too much negativity.

Personally, I almost always read one local paper and one national paper every day. I like to keep up with what's going on in my own area as well as in the nation. Incidentally, one big-city newspaper contains more information than an entire week of TV news.

Perhaps the most important reason I read the paper is that I get ideas from other people -- reports on subjects in which I have an interest -- and I can clip and save information and use it at a later date. I can pick up just about any paper anywhere and find some good news or useful information, because that's what I am looking for.

As a writer/speaker, I'm always looking for tidbits that will help others in their lives. Example: An Ann Landers column told how one lady solved the problem of having her children pick up after themselves.

She explained to the kids that she was their mother, not their maid, and that if they treated her like a maid, she would get paid. She started putting the toys and clothing they left on the floor in "Mom's Sack," and at the end of the week charged them 50 cents per item out of their allowance to retrieve them. If their allowance didn't cover the 50 cents for each item, she chose the ones they got back. In less than two weeks, she was almost finished as the maid.

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That's a terrific idea, and the people who missed Ann's column will be delighted that I read the newspaper. You will be, too, if you'll make it a habit. See you at the top!


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