Little Johnny Was A Pistol

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"Little Johnny" was a "pistol." One Friday afternoon, his teacher said to the class, "Students, if any of you have an unusual event take place this weekend, please remember it and tell us about it on Monday morning."

On Monday morning, Little Johnny sat at his desk, quivering with excitement. The teacher said, "Johnny, it looks like something exciting happened for you over the weekend."

He responded, "Yes, Ma'am, it did." She encouraged him to share it with the class. With enthusiasm, Johnny said, "Me and my daddy went fishin' and caught 75 catfish, and they all weighed 75 pounds."

The teacher said to Little Johnny, "Now, Johnny, you know that simply did not happen." Johnny replied: "Yes, Ma'am, it did! My daddy is a great fisherman, and I'm even better than he is."

Again the teacher said, "Now, Johnny, if I were to tell you that on the way to school this morning, about three blocks from here, all of a sudden a big, 1200-pound grizzly bear appeared in front of me, reared up, was about to grab me and eat me up, when suddenly a little 8-pound yellow dog appeared out of nowhere, jumped up, grabbed the grizzly bear by the nose, threw him down, bounced him back and forth, broke his neck and killed him dead, now, Johnny, would you believe that?"

Little Johnny cheerfully replied: "Yes, Ma'am, I sure would! As a matter of fact, that's my dog!"

Obviously, that's the kind of story that never happened, but first of all it does give us something to smile about and who knows, maybe even to laugh about.

Second, it gives us the idea that there's a little "Dennis the Menace" in all of us, and we sometimes let our creative imaginations work overtime. But remember -- it's our imagination that brings creative solutions to many problems, so let's encourage our kids to use their creative imaginations in life, and I'll see you -- and the kids -- at the top!


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