How a Miami mom followed the signs to start a printing business, then meet the president

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Arniella also benefited from free counseling offered to small businesses in South Florida by experts from the FIU SBDC, who recommended her to go to the White House to meet the president.

“She was very motivated and worked very quickly to implement the SBDC recommendations,” Brian Van Hook, regional director of the Florida SBDC at the FIU Business School, told el Nuevo Herald.

Within a few months of starting her business, Arniella wanted more clients, and she asked for help with marketing, one of the services offered by the SBDC program.

“They don’t do your job, you have to do your own research, but they guide you,” said Arniella, who frequently chatted online with a counselor at the center and received videos that told her, for example, how to make a website for her business.

“I did it through Shopify. It was very fast, it took me about half a week, but it doesn’t require programming knowledge,” she says.


In addition to preparation, Arniella said the secret to her success is good customer service.

“The first thing is to provide excellent customer service from the moment they write to you. I have my phone in my pocket, and when I receive a message from a client, I answer immediately. You will rarely see that in a company, so people prefer to do business with you and they stop looking for other offers. Ninety percent of these people buy from me.”

When she thinks about how she would like her business to be in five years, Arniella imagines herself in a larger warehouse. In fact, she asks for help from someone who can rent her a medium-sized one. She has big dreams.

“I would like to make signs for businesses to place outdoors, those that go in shopping malls, made with more resistant materials.”


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